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Down the Rabbit Hole, is the exhibition during the month of June.  The narrative, sculptural ceramic pieces by Red Lodge artist Jocelyn Howard and two-dimensional works by Beth Huhtala opens on June 1st with an artists’ reception on Friday, June 2nd, from 5:00 until 7:00. 

Going "down the rabbit hole" has become a common metaphor in popular culture, symbolizing everything from exploring a new world to delving into something unknown and scary. In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the adventure begins in the rabbit hole.  It's a one way trip that leads to an unexpected conclusion. This show explores a desire to tell difficult stories from a contemporary perspective. These stories don’t have succinct or clean endings. In fact, some of these stories lack beginnings and endings altogether. Howard and Huhtala’s work wades through human experiences and explore complex relationships.  Through the use of symbolism and archetype, both artists create abstract, surreal self-portraits that invite the viewer down the proverbial rabbit hole into a journey of their own. 

We thank Clint Loomis for generously sponsoring this show.

Shakespeare in the Parks - June 27th

You Never Can Tell, written by George Bernard Shaw in 1897, and directed this year by William Brown, will be performed at ine Meadows golf course and Elks Lodge on Tuesday, June 27th.  The very popular play involves dentists, twins, love and lust, rejection, many luncheons, and the parting line, “I’d do it all again, I assure you.  You never can tell.” 

Shakespeare in the Parks is always free to the public, and is sponsored by the following:  Dr. Joan McMahon, Dr. Jason Ricks, Dr. Randy Hoch (Eyecare Associates), Dr. Annette Comes, Fergus County Medical Society, Drs William and Cathy Holmes, Dr. Michael Sura and Fitness Central, Thrivent Financial, Pine Meadows Country Club and the Elks Lodge.

This annual event is also celebrating 45 years.  Come early for food and refreshments, and don’t forget your lawn chair or picnic blanket; summer in Lewistown doesn’t get any better than this.






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If you need to clear a closet of artwork or decorative items, you can drop off your items at the Art Center, or if you need assistance, we will come and get pick up donations.

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