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to the bone - SCULPTURE BY

Thanks to all who came out last Friday for the opening of to the bone at the Margie Wilkins Gallery featuring the work of ceramic artist, Crista Ann Ames. “to the bone” features a variety of Crista’s figurative sculptures, and a few functional pots as well. Each piece speaks to themes of production and labor, as a clenched fist holds a sharpened sickle, or bodiless hands reach to start a chainsaw. The chainsaw sculpture, aptly titled “Rip It” was the focal point of the exhibition, and Ames answered multiple questions about the piece during a brief artist talk. She spoke about beauty and power, and invited viewers to mentally “step into” the experience of starting a chainsaw. With only two, hollow crouched legs and a pair of sculpted hands attached to the ceramic chainsaw, we can imagine the tension of the moment just before “ripping” the machine to life.

While we may recognize the component parts of each sculpture, Crista assembles them into an eerie, subversive tableau. Ames makes utilitarian objects like sickles, pencils, and saws “non-functional” by making them out of clay, and then fabricates clay bodies to use them. Each piece asks questions about how we treat our work, our tools, and our bodies.

 Crista Ann Ames speaking about her work to attendees of the opening reception of her show.

Crista Ann Ames speaking about her work to attendees of the opening reception of her show.

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"The Nashville Sampler"
Songwriters Concert

On Saturday, April 28th, the LAC will host a trio of local singer-songwriters, Haeli Allen, Steve Hughes, and Dave Rummans. The three will play a variety of original songs in anticipation for an upcoming album. Join us for an evening of delightful musical stylings amidst wonderful art!