The November Show:  Carolyn Caldwell Paintings

November 2017 Show ws.jpg

Carolyn is a third generation Montanan who has recently moved  back to Montana, and to her family roots.   She attended colleges in Washington, California and France before graduating from the University of Montana.  Following her passion for travel and art she practiced architecture in the Virgin islands,  lived on a sailboat,  wandered Venezuela and the Caribbean and has been awarded artist residencies in Senegal, Portugal, Vermont and Idaho. In the late 80's she gave up architecture for painting full time and credits that profession with giving her paintings a strong foundation.

"What interests me most are the abstract patterns of light and shadow that happen when the sun is at a low angle.  I'm wanting to convey the profound beauty I see in  the dark masses and illuminated curves of hilltops.  I see my work as contemporary landscape with an abstract soul.  I look to simplify and distill the landscape, to ferret out it's essence.  I love the landscape and thrive on travel where I can keep exploring what's around the next bend of the road. Moving back to Montana from Maine I am inspired by the wide vistas and power of the land and mountains here. Living all those places and then returning to Montana, I have a fresh appreciation of this wide open land that is reflected in the openness of her people.  I feel more at home in Montana than I have anywhere. I'm inspired by the landscapes and the sense of vitality and freedom."    

She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, and is represented by galleries in Dallas, Texas and  Delaware.


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