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Murder at Little Belt Dr

Murder at Little Belt Dr

Patse Hansen’s The Feather Dance opens Friday

Join us on Friday, September 6th from 5-7 PM for the opening reception of Patse Hansen’s exhibition, “The Feather Dance.” Featuring entirely new paintings that reflect on the feathers as a metaphor for travel of the mind, body, and spirit. In these expressive and evocative paintings, Hansen explores how the symbol of the feather might manifest as strength, wisdom, honor, power, and trust when intertwined with ideas and visions.

This work is simultaneously representative, in that you recognize the images at work, and conceptual, as Patse uses the idea of a feather to transcend narrative boundaries. These works imagine a variety of “travelers,” human, animal, and spiritual, as they engage with complex ideas and emotions.

A relatively “new” artist, Patse’s unique style has continued to gain recognition in recent years, including her juried inclusion in a Manhattan Arts International exhibition featuring just 50 women in the U.S. The Lewistown Art Center will provide refreshments from 5-7 on Friday, and Patse will be available to answer questions about her work, don’t miss it!

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