The March Show in the Margie Wilkins Gallery is titled CENTERED -- a specially curated multi-media exhibition that includes painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, fiber arts, poetry, performance art and more.  There are more than twenty local makers, with a few “visiting” artists thrown in. There is truly something for everyone at this show, and everyone’s favorite is different.

This week, I was struck by the vibrant use of color in works by David Zackus, Mike Huberman, Jaqueline Mercenier and David Murnion, Melody Lark, David Wharton, and Cheryl Boyle. Each of these artists approached the idea of “center” in various ways, some pointing to center of the canvas, the center of Montana, and others referred to more abstract “centers” like spirituality, recovery, and language.

Each of these artists used vibrant colors to emphasize various parts of their works, from Mike Huberman’s bright pink skies in “Downtown” to Jacqueline Mercenier’s saturated landscapes. In addition to using color for emphasis, each of these artists carefully considered the emotive qualities of color, using hues to evoke emotional responses.

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