We are so grateful to our friends at Center for Native Plants and Native Ideals for providing us with vigorous, ethically grown and harvested wildflower seeds for our LAC member thank you gifts this year! We are committed to celebrating art and creativity in all forms, and hope these seeds help bring the beauty of nature and the joy of gardening into your life!

Our Hands on Wildflowers seed packets contain a mix of perennial and biennial wildflower seeds native to Montana. These plants are built to thrive in our rugged climate, and are important food sources for our native pollinators. Creating a wildflower garden is a beautiful way to build natural habitat in your backyard.

The seeds in your Hands on Wildflowers mix have slightly different growing requirements, but all will appreciate a well-prepared bed of loamy soil in full sun. The best results in native gardening often come from mimicking what the plant does in nature. Scatter your seeds in late fall, thinly spaced, and allow them to overwinter and germinate the following spring. You may also plant indoors in very early spring, transplanting outdoors in 4-6 weeks or once the soil can be worked. Germination may be lower for some species without a cold stratification period. Once emerged, thin plants to 4-6” apart and water regularly at first. Your wildflowers will be sturdy and drought-tolerant once established.

These seeds are native to Montana and may not be well adapted to other regions. If you live out of state and received a Hands on Wildflowers packet as a gift, be sure to check with your local Extension Service for information on successful planting in your area.

Click on the photos below to learn more about your Hands on Wildflowers species. For a wealth of information on wild gardening in our region, visit the Montana Native Plant Society.

Cut-leaved Anenome  Anenome multifida

Cut-leaved Anenome
Anenome multifida

Leafy Aster  Symphyotrichum foliaceum

Leafy Aster
Symphyotrichum foliaceum

Holboell’s Rockcress  Arabis holboellii

Holboell’s Rockcress
Arabis holboellii

Littleflower Penstemon  Penstemon procerus

Littleflower Penstemon
Penstemon procerus

Tufted Evening Primrose  Oenethera caespitosa

Tufted Evening Primrose
Oenethera caespitosa

Round-leaved Alumroot  Heuchera cylindrica

Round-leaved Alumroot
Heuchera cylindrica

Pearly Everlasting  Anaphalis margaritaceae

Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis margaritaceae

Fireweed  Chamerion angustifolium

Chamerion angustifolium

Many thanks to Drake Barton for his tireless work as a one of Montana’s most respected botanists, and for the use of his two photographs here.

Thanks again to our LAC MEMBERS for supporting the arts in Central Montana!
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