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Central Montana Community Concert Association - 2018/2019 Season!

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2018/2019 Central MT Community Concert Series

5 concerts for one $60 membership

~Our 78th Season~
Outstanding Live Performances
Experience the thrill of the world’s greatest music by internationally acclaimed artists.
Attend all five spectacular concerts for one low cost through the Community Concert Membership Plan.

Exciting Value Packed Bonus
Your membership admits you to the following venues for other top concerts with an additional $5.00 at the door.
Great Falls • Ft Benton • Havre • Gardiner • Helena • Hobson• White Sulphur Springs • Sidney • Glasgow • Malta • Chinook

Check this link for a list of concerts available:

Student ●$21

Adult ●$61.80

Family (2 Adults + Students) ●$133.90

Patron (2 Adults + $10) ●$133.90

Family Patron (Family + $10) ●$144.20

Memberships are available through the Lewistown Art Center.

And through our many volunteers.  All 2018-19 membership applications to be delivered to LAC on or before Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018.

Through your generosity and support, the Central Montana Community Concert Association has
brought you the finest in performing arts for many years.  Without a doubt this 78th season
will continue the tradition of outstanding musicians performing live on our stage.  

We invite you to be a part of our Patron Program, which includes two adult memberships plus a $10 donation. 
Your name, or the name of your business, will be added to our Patron List and included in the programs for all five concerts.

All donations are appreciated and are tax deductible. 
Your additional support will help us bring even more exciting programs in the future.

Thank You!
Tom Wojtowick, Chairperson

All concerts are held at the Fergus Center for the Performing Arts
1001 Casino Creek Drive, Lewistown, MT 59457

Membership Levels
california guitar trio.jpg


CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO - Tuesday, October 30, 2018  7:30  

CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO Celebrating 25 years of making music together! The universe of guitar knows no boundaries for the CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO. Since 1991 the group has enthralled listeners with a singular sound that fearlessly crisscrosses every style of music. The trio’s questing spirit drives it to explore the intersections between rock, jazz, classical and world music. It even throws in the occasional surf or spaghetti Western tune for good measure.

cashore marionettes.jpg


CASHORE MARIONETTES - Monday Nov. 19 2018 7:30 

     What is a marionette?  It is a puppet controlled from above by strings, not by a hand inside the puppet.  In the U.S. puppet shows are often considered to be exclusively for children, whereas throughout the rest of the world puppet and marionette plays are classically performed for adult audiences.  This Cashore Marionettes show is definitely for both: adults and children.  The marionettes, their clothing, and all the props have been made entirely by Joseph Cashore.  His wife Wilma is his assistant for his performances.

Joe Cashore works miracles…Let computer trickery take you and fake you some other day.  Pure, simple and beguiling, the ‘Cashore Marionettes’ are the real deal.”  -  The Richmond Times Dispatch



CHRIS BRUBECK’S TRIPLE PLAY - Thursday Feb. 28, 2019 7:30

     TRIPLE PLAY is rollicking good fun…led by bassist, trombonist and pianist Chris Brubeck, and ably backed by Joel Brown on guitar and Madcat Ruth on harmonica, this trio will astound you with its flair and virtuosity…and if the name Brubeck sounds familiar…you’re right, its Dave Brubeck’s son!!!



7TH AVE - A MIXED VOCAL QUARTET  - Sunday, March 24, 2019 2:00 pm

7th AVE is a group of four singers, two women and two men, brought together in 2016 by Chris Rupp, the founder and musical director of the country vocal band HOME FREE for 15 years .  Chris is now taking his skills and talents to his latest and greatest project, 7th AVE, which is aiming to reinvent and up root the standard definitions of vocal music, combining elements of pop, swing, rockabilly, country and much more. 7th AVE is ready to forge a new identity in the music world.



SONS OF SERENDIP - Thursday May 9, 2019 7:30

     This is a special quartet of four friends, graduates of Boston University, that came together in 2014 when they organized and performed on America’s Got Talent, taking 4th place.  The name SONS OF SERENDIP comes from the notion that “Serendipity brought us together.”  Each member has an inspiring story and together the SONS OF SERENDIP strive to embody the adjectives, Classy, Genuine, Spiritual, Sensitive and Timeless.

     Their concert program focuses on fairly contemporary music, some with a fresh twist, and some familiar pop tunes from Motown.  This is a very interesting combination of voice and instruments which produce a lovely, rich sound, creating music that touches people’s hearts.



CMCCA is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing quality live entertainment to Central Montana. Tickets to concerts are sold on a Season Subscription basis only.  Memberships are available through the Lewistown Art Center.   Make checks payable to CMCCA or Central Montana Community Concert Association. Please return to your Volunteer, LAC or CMCCA by Monday, September 11th, 2017.  Tickets will be mailed. All concerts are held at the Fergus Center for the Performing Arts.

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